When we are done with schoolwork, or waiting for food to come, or walking to a restaurant, we love to do a game similar to Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

For the people who don’t know what D&D is, D&D is a roleplaying game, in which you fight dragons, meet enemies, and learn secrets. But it’s a very interesting game. There is “Dungeon Master” who makes a story with imagination and you can do whatever you want in the story so you have a lot of freedom.

We play a game inspired from that game. It is similar, with a dungeon master and an imaginative story. But unlike D&D, we don’t use dice. We just start playing while we are on a walk, and we always love our brothers’ stories. For example, our last one was made by Julien and he made a story about stopping a war. There were so many plot twists, and pieces that fit together like a puzzle. I would say it’s even more imaginative than D&D.

We play it almost every day, and it is just something to keep us entertained when we’re bored. We started it in China, and we have been having fun with the game ever since.

Below: Us play our “D&D” game at lunch and using rocks on the ground as a map


Below: D&D maps