Today we got an early start for a drive to Eje Cafetero, the coffee plantation region of Colombia. We and Pilar met up with Hector Sr, Hector M, Elaine, Iris and Leo at their hotel and all piled into a van that Hector Sr had coordinated for the trip.

The drive was long and full of windy mountain roads, but the scenery was spectacular. We enjoyed a roadside fruit stand and watched the fruit being delivered by donkey. We had lunch in a small town by a river. And we chatted and napped and listened to the five children debate the merits of the various Hogwarts Houses and play D&D.

We arrived to our lodging in the evening, and oh, what incredible lodging it was. A resort with swimming pools, a playground with trampolines, a GoKart track, and stunning tropical splendor. Hector put a lot of time and effort into picking an amazing place for us all to relax together, and we are grateful to have this time together in such a special place.

Below: Trip Photos