Yesterday, we took a 12-hour drive to Eje Cafetero. Abuelo planned this amazing drive through the landscape, with grassy farms, beautiful cows, and elegant forests. We then got to an amazing resort with everything you could imagine.

Today, we relaxed. Well, it depends how you define “relaxed.” By relaxed I mean we didn’t go anywhere outside the resort. We swam, bounced endlessly on trampolines, ran everywhere, and went go karting.

My favorite thing was that we are with Iris and Leo, who are the perfect age for us (Iris 12, Leo 10). It is a delight getting to play with other kids, and I feel so lucky to have them come here with us.

Swimming was a paradise. Even though the water was freezing, we still had a whole ton of fun. Just soaking out all the sadness and left pure happiness.

We also went go karting. Iris and Leo had gone go karting before and are very good at it. However, Julien, Kieran, and I had not gone. Kieran and I had an adult in the copilot seat, to help with the steering. I was all pumped up. Kieran and I were racing together.

Kieran got ready at the starting line and then… I tried to halt at the starting line but zooom!!! I just went straight by him and then crashed into the rim of the track (it was just a tiny jolt, nothing to worry about). We finally got back on track and zoomed around. In the end Kieran won, but it was still a really amazing experience.

Below: The Outstanding Hotel