We went to hot springs today!!! From our place in Eje Cafetero, we took a three hour drive to some hot springs. The water is heated by the magma under the earth, which makes the water hot. The hot waterfalls end in pools to make basically a natural hot tub!!!

They were the perfect temperature (maybe a little too hot), and came in all different depths. If you got a little overheated, there was also a cold waterfall to shower in!!! There were three pools, each a little bit different from one another. Iris and I went for about three hours in the pools, while Leo, Jasper, and Julien went for about two. My toes and fingers were all wrinkly by the end, and I was freezing to death when I got out because the air temperature was so cold compared to the pools.

I also found that when the waterfall flows down, it leaves minerals behind, like iron, changing the color of the rock to this reddish-brown which made it very much like the sticky waterfall in Thailand with the good-gripping rocks (see Julien’s blog: “Up and Down”).

The food they made at the hotel was also amazing!!! They had a delicious vegetarian breakfast and a tasty veggie burger! Their appetizers were mouthwatering, and the fruit was delightful!!! I was very sad to leave the next day.