Today we took the long drive back to Medellin from the wonderful set of outings and activities Abuelo had planned for us.

As we drove the long way, I had a lot of time to just gaze out my window at the astonishing Colombian countryside. Hills with mountain roads winding themselves up and down, past farms and over amazing plants.

For most of the ride we either played Jasper’s D&D adventure (read Jasper’s post: Our “D&D” Adventures) or just lost ourselves in the land that rolled by our window. Hills, mountains, valleys, farms, plantations, and animals. Just so beautiful.

And we wound our way past all the things I saw, up and down, around and under past people and animals alike.

The drive was sitting in a car for 10 hours, but there was also an opportunity to play, gaze, and be amazed. Colombian countryside might be one of the most beautiful countrysides I have ever seen.

Below: Colombian Landscape