Out of the four places we have stayed the longest, Colombia has felt the most like home, probably because of all the family we met.

Many members of our Colombian family that we spent time with come into my head. But also the time we shared with David, Hector M, Elaine, Iris and Leo, Hector, Pilar, Daniel and Melissa, the Boteros, Andrea and Roland, Nico’s baptism, the Mieth family, Juan Carlos, Marta, Ivan, Jimena, and many more. It was so much fun to spend time with you all.

And that made Colombia feel so special. Memories of playing board games with Daniel and Melissa, playing D&D with Iris and Leo, eating and talking with Samuel and Alejandro, celebrating Jasper and Kieran’s 10th birthday, celebrating Nico’s baptism, and everything my family did with me.

But there was also so much more to our time in Colombia than spending time with family. Memories of fun, of productive time, and of great experiences.

I think about cheering until my throat hurt for the Medellin team in the stadium while eating arequipe.

I think about running around in the Parque Explora, exploring and learning until I could run no more.

I think about dedicating hours to writing about the complete history of China and getting tons of work done with my wrecking ball self.

I think about driving for hours upon hours there and back from Efe Cafetero, talking with Iris and Leo and gazing out the window to not become carsick.

I think about watching in awe as my mind danced around the thoughts of the universe and of the dancers in front of me, provoking many ideas.

And I think about the food, the kind that gives me the willies (little ants), the kinds that make my mouth water (delicious pastries), and the traditional yumminess (empanadas, arepas, arequipe, and chorizo).

I know I will return to Colombia later in my life, hopefully enjoying the same delights and experiences that were special to me on this trip here to Colombia.