Coming to Peru marks only two weeks until we return to the United States. It isn’t going back to Seattle, but we will be in our home country after over 10 months of traveling. Only two weeks. The thought brings out a longing from me, but also startles me.

Just thinking about it takes me back to memories of myself when we had just started the trip. I wrote an entire blog post about how shocked I was that we had actually started our year of worldschooling. The same emotions: excitement, a longing for the future, shock, and almost fear coursed through me.

But now all that is in full reverse. It feels like I have just finished the year-long lap around the track, and am so close to entering the end stretch of the track that felt so familiar to me when I started my engine.

And in the grand scheme of things, just two weeks feels like a heartbeat. Only just the smallest amount of time until I will make a great turn on the racing track. It will be two weeks until Houston, where we will see Iris and Leo again. Only two weeks until we enter the United States of America, the country I have lived in for every year of my life but this one. Two weeks until I gaze upon my home country with almost foreign eyes. And two weeks until a feeling of shock and happiness.

Now I am more excited for my return to Seattle rather than to stay worldschooling forever. In, say Tanzania, I had equal hopes of going home and traveling more. The home hope is shining brighter.

And because of that longing of home that is only two weeks away, I am letting myself really enjoy my time in Peru, knowing the great feeling that awaits me in only two weeks.

Below: A Couple of Items from Home