Today we had a peaceful but sometimes uncomfortable day. We went to Pisaq, a tidy and delightful city. We first took a car similar to a dala dala where I nearly puked. I was nowhere close to feeling good. After the long, curvy, twisty, windy road, we finally got to Pisaq.

It is a nice town, one with elegant markets and narrow placid streets. We got to the main market, with billions of stalls lined up all selling tons of delicate and colorful decorations. The last thing I can not forget there are the alpacas. There are people walking around with baby alpacas in these purse-like bags. We ate a delicious lunch, and then we took a taxi up to a hill next to Pisaq.

Pisaq is mostly famous for its Inca ruins, and outstanding terraces. We hiked down the hill, getting tremendously exhausted since the air is quite thin. There are Inca ruins, unique rocks, and gorgeous flowers. We hiked on terraces until the sun started to set and we finally got back into Pisaq. We took a “dala dala” back to Cusco and finished our trip to Pisaq.