Today, we went to Chinchero. Chinchero is a town which is full of sewing. We went there after going to Moray and Maras just to check it out. I found the sewing magnificent and very high quality. Almost everything was handmade and made from llama and alpaca fur.

We just wanted to take a peek and to see the knitting, but we didn’t plan to buy anything. But then we saw these gorgeous sweaters. They had little llamas on them and had plenty of room for us to grow into. We thought and thought if we should buy them and then they got too difficult to resist, so we had to get them.

I plan to take very good care of it, not wear it in the rain, not wear it while on a playground or while roughhousing, etc. I will fold it nicely in my backpack and keep it in a special place where it will not get lost. We drove home quite happy that we got the sweaters and went to the knitting town of Chinchero.