We decided to go to the famous ruins of Moray today. Moray is an Inca ruin built for agriculture. Since the Incas lived in the high mountains of Peru, they had to adapt to the landscape. This means they also had to do that with farming. If they just planted the crops on the side of the mountain, the water would run down and the plants would grow sideways, so they created terraces everywhere they went. The particular terraces we saw are quite famous for two main reasons. One, they are still quite well intact, and two, these terraces are more in small valleys which means the temperture between one layer and another is quite different. This allowed them to experiment easily what grows best where. This also allowed them to test on a 360° angle how the sun affected the crops. Another interesting thing is that during the day the rocks creating the circle gathered heat, and then at night that heat radiated out keeping the plants safe from the frost.

We took a two hour’s drive to see the site of Moray, and it was worth it. There were three circles, all equally gorgeous, in their own way. We wandered around taking pictures and then we left to the the salt pits (read Julien’s blog: Methods of Old).