Part 1: The Battle of Saqsayhuaman

We went to the great fortress of Saqsayhuaman today. And at the entrance we saw scouts, pigeon scouts. It was a sign that the pigeons had set up a base. We (Jasper (my comrade) and I) entered, and looked around for a good place to plan. At the top of a hill was the perfect place. We went up the hill, and drew our plans in the sand. They probably thought this would be a great place from which to invade Cusco. We had been waiting for a long time to find their base, and we finally had done so. We thought that they were out of view, on the other side of the hill, and in a couple of days, they would make a full on attempt to invade the rest of Saqsayhuaman. Our job was to stop them. We executed our plan, and when we arrived at the other side, no pigeon was to be seen. We thought for a while until we came to a conclusion. We suspected that they had moved into the Plaza de Armas, in the center of Cusco. And lucky us, that’s where we were going.

Part 2: The Invasion of the Plaza de las Armas

After the confusion, we walked down to the Plaza de Armas (main plaza of Cusco). We went to a restaurant and when we finished eating, we advanced. But once and again, there were no pigeons. The stormy skies and our presence in the air scared them away to hills, never to be seen again! It was a victory!!!