Today, we met Amie and Poppy (Amie adult, Poppy 5 years old). They are old friends back from Seattle. We meet them again here in Cusco, and they are with us meeting us most days until the end of Peru.

We walked through the streets of Cusco to find their house in Cusco, to soon find it hidden looking very similar to any other house, a door in the wall. We tried and finally, with difficulty, knocked hard enough to get someone to open the door. Poppy and Amie were not there yet, so we decided to go look for a welcoming gift. We planned on getting Poppy a “stuffie alpaca” or so they are called. They are simply just the frame of an alpaca with tall poofy hairs coming out. We got back and Poppy loved the stuffie since she had forgotten her stuffie back at home. And Poppy named her Fuzzbirt. O’great Fuzzbirt (fuz-bert).

Today is also a day with a vibrant festival of dancing and music so we decided to all go see it. We got there with crowds of people watching an elaborate dance with colorful dresses twirling around in circles. We watched the dances until we got hungry and went to eat at a scrumptious place nearby. After we were done, the dancing was over so we got some amazing ice cream.

Below: The Parade


20190613_1326271504172831392411751.jpgBelow: Fuzzbirt


Below: Lunch


Below: Ice Cream!!!