There are so many uses for being able to speak two languages. It makes it easier to work in different places, it makes it easier to speak with family (in my case), and language is such an essential part of how your brain works that minds can be opened up to new ideas with the exposure of a new language.

In Seattle, learning Spanish was a vital part of my education. Though when I first started learning Spanish, I only spoke it when I had to, at school. But after seeing countries like Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru I see how much I love learning and speaking Spanish. It is the fourth most spoken language in the world, behind Mandarin, English, and Hindi. And it is not concentrated in just one area, like Mandarin or Hindi. Spanish is diverse everywhere in Latin America, and of course in Spain.

Given my life circumstances, if I had to choose two languages in the world to learn, they would most definitely be English and Spanish. And we as a family are striving to learn more Spanish, in and outside of school, speaking it at home, on hikes through the Andes, at the grocery store, at great monuments, and at places like the hot springs in Colombia.

Wrapping up our schooled year of education, we are moving away from subjects like math and science, and now focusing more on Spanish, writing, reading, and history. We have had so many opportunities to practice all of those, Spanish especially, during our year of world travel.

Muchas Gracias a todo mi familia en España y Colombia, para pasar tiempo con mi y enseñarme Español todos los dias!

Thank you so much to all my family in Spain and Colombia, for spending time with me and teaching me Spanish every day!

Below: Abuela, who dedicated 30 minutes to 1 hour of most mornings in Medellin to helping us learn and practice our Spanish