Today, we leave Aguas Calientes to go to Cusco, and will stay there for one night before going to Iquitos, a town in the Amazon.

I have liked my stay in Aguas Calientes a lot, and have definitely liked it a lot more than any of the other places we have stayed (that we stayed in for only two days). Aguas Calientes is a charming city, and feels exactly the same as Cusco but also totally different. It feels the same as Cusco because the culture, and how the people dress up, and what they sell is the same but how it looks it so different and that mix makes it a lovely city.

I like it a lot for how small it is, and I could jog through the town in less than ten minutes. I already know the whole place since it’s so small. It also just feels small. Like the streets and plazas are charming, and they feel small but they are actually not that small compared to other places.

The second thing I like about the town is the surroundings. It’s in a valley with a river running next to it and just a little ways away is a great world wonder, Machu Picchu. It just has a lot of nature around it that makes it beautiful.

But now we have to leave. Leaving Aguas Calientes and going back to Cusco two days after we get there is a bummer. Especially since I like Aguas Calientes a lot.

Below: Aguas Calientes




Below: Condor, snake, and jaguar20190614_1445086756123800778041584.jpg