We flew on a plane to Iquitos (a city near the Amazon Jungle) today, and I was happy to bring something with me. Two days ago, I saw a very small silver spoon in the main market of Aguas Calientes. I really wanted it and it was perfect for eating dessert slowly. As you might know I eat very slowly, and extra slow if it is dessert. Though we didn’t have the time get the silver spoon and bargain because they were asking for 13 US dollars!!! We decided to go back the next morning because I loved it so much and other people wanted to back to the market. About half of all the jewelry shops (and there were quite a few jewelry shops) had the little spoons.

I reached two places with my favorite silver spoons and spent more than 15 minutes deciding. I finally reached my final decision, and got it for $10. The spoon was a little less than three inches, and on the handle it has some gorgeous Inca carvings. I am very happy I got the spoon.

Below: My Inca Spoon