Throughout our journey through Peru, I have loved one creature: alpacas. Alpacas are similar to llamas except twice as cute. Although there are no alpacas where we are now in Iquitos, they were common in Cusco, and it is almost impossible to find a souvenir shop without some type of alpaca souvenir. I loved them so much that I ended up buying this cute little alpaca stuffie. Jasper also had a temptation to buy something, so he bought one out of the mineral Jasper!!! You can also find locals on the streets who will ask for money if you want to take a picture or hold a baby alpaca.

Before the Spaniards came and defeated the Incas, there was no such thing as a horse. But they had Alpacas. Alpacas can carry loads just like horses, but they are also much more suited for the mountainous environment. Alpacas are built to climb up steep moutainsides while horses can run on flat plains for long distances. I love Alpacas so much and I always will.

Below: Alpacas (some of which are llamas)