All of our three big full days of relaxing in Iquitos have been a break in between two huge and amazing trips we took and are going to take in Peru. First we visited Cusco, Machu Picchu, and the rest of the Sacred Valley, learning about the Incas and the Spanish colonization in South America. Now, after our resting time in Iquitos, we took a boat ride down the Amazon River in the Amazon Jungle out of Iquitos into the great and amazing lands beyond.

Ever since we set foot in Iquitos, my entire self has been itching madly with the prospect of speeding upriver, jungle on both sides, passing incredible wildlife of animals and plants alike. All that excitement was flowing through me as we cruised across the waves, on a 25 foot long boat, about 5-6 feet high.

We were introduced to our two guides that we would have for our time in the Amazon, Lander and Herzog. Some of the best days that we would have on this entire trip were right before us. Everything and everybody was ready.

All of us (us five as well as Amie and Poppy) had more than enough to see out of our windows. Next to Iquitos, the Amazon River is very wide, slowly winding south. But as we went along, the river got smaller and smaller. On our right we passed what looked like a local village, our first, and the landmark for the halfway point.

Not long after the village we branched off from the Amazon River onto a much shorter and narrower river, the Tahuayo. Soon we passed more and more small villages, including Buena Vista and El Chino, which we would visit in a couple days.

My mind and body were locked on the passing trees off to the side of the boat, watching as they flew past the window. Then suddenly, our guide shouted and pointed ahead. Straight in front of the boat was a striking lodge, called the Tahuayo Lodge. We were here.

Over the next 3 days we would base at the lodge, taking excursions of our choice out into the rainforest.

And it is such an incredible place to base. A drum sounds three times a day to call all the guests to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A huge common dining/hang out room boasts a bar with many drinks, chess, checkers, other games, and amazing seating for amazing meals. The rooms are bug- free and secure. The whole area is safe. It has a hammock room for chilling. The staff are incredibly kind. And at night you can hear all the sounds of the jungle, just gently resting your head on your pillow, drifting off to sleep.

The next days of this adventure hold a lot. And I am more excited than I ever thought possible!

Below: Boat Ride Pictures



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Below: our cabin in the Amazon20190621_1652337779972279609302561.jpg20190621_1653388927430029677847956.jpg

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Below: Path of our Boat Ride