The Amazon is what I would call a lush and endless jungle. We went on a long boat ride to a place called frog valley where we would find the frogs. We were on a 15 foot motorboat with 10 people on it (our two guides Lander and Herzog, our driver Saulo, our group of five, and Amie and Poppy.

We bobbed up and down on the waves of the Tahuayo River and then the Blanco River, letting nature absorb us. We saw a few animals tucked in trees: some birds, some mammals, and some reptiles. On the boat ride there I would say the things we saw that I liked most were kingfishers, monkeys, and the snake.

I don’t know why I like kingfishers so much. We saw a few kingfishers searching the water’s surface, and then they would dive! They would hit the water’s surface and come up with a fish. It seemed like they did it effortlessly.

The next animals that I really liked that we saw were monkeys. We saw two species of monkeys, the wooly monkey and the tamarin monkey. We saw the tamarin monkeys in the trees nomming on fruits. They have these little faces that are so adorable. Especially when they are eating. The other type we saw is a wooly monkey. It is endangered. But this monkey (they named him Cobi) was very friendly and used to be a pet, so when we drove by he came out swinging by his tail just staring at us. He just swung there for a while until we left. He has a family but they are at an Amazon research lodge.

The last animal we saw that I really liked was a snake. It was the third most poisonous snake in the amazon. It was called a Bushmaster snake. But it was just in the water, and when we came, it swam away, wiggling along. And strangely, 45% of people that live in the amazon get bit by that snake.

Those are all the animals we saw on the boat ride there. But there is still frog valley. We got off the boat with our boots on and started trekking. We were stepping through shin-deep mud. It was disgusting but satisfying. We looked in bromeliads since water pools at the base of the plant, and that is where poison dart frogs put their tadpoles.

As the clouds cleared up, we found one! It seemed odd that we were looking for one-inch frogs in a dense rainforest. The poison dart frog was beautiful, striped black and yellow.

We continued on our hike and we found another one, and another one, and another one, and one last one. These were all black and red with a yellow tummy. They are so tiny and charming, like little stars in the sky. We decided we had seen enough frogs for one day, so we headed back to the boat, ate lunch before leaving, and went back to the lodge.

It was a great day in the Amazon. From squelching mud to poisonous snakes, it was all mind-blowing. But this is just the first day, and we still have so much more to see!

Below: Transition from Tahuayo River to Blanco River

Below: Black and Yellow Poison Dart Frog



Below: Red and Yellow Poison Dart Frog


Below: Red and Black Poison Dart Frog Jumping


Below: Nature and us trekking



Below: Us looking for animals

Below: Cobi


Below: Toucan

Below: Bushmaster snake

Below: Tamarin Monkey

Below: Vulture