A five year old, two ten year olds, and an eleven year old walk into a bar in the Amazon…

What could possibly go wrong?

The last few days have been wonderful and surreal. Our dear friend Amie and goddaughter Poppy met up with us in Peru. There was a lot that could’ve gone wrong with four young children, from altitude sickness in Cuzco and steep drops at Machu Picchu to the belly aches of Atahualpa’s Revenge and tipsy canoes deep in the Amazon far and away from any hospital.

Instead, the kids really did walk into a bar and had a great time. The lodge in the rainforest was offering up a special on virgin pina coladas and peach milkshakes. For a few days, we got to enjoy some pisco sours ourselves as the sun went down over the Andes and to see our smart, resilient children thrive together across Inca ruins and the deep rainforest. There is something indescribably wonderful about experiencing something which is so unfamilar with those who are so familiar.

Even though we are now just a hop and a skip away from seeing them again at home, sharing space with them here in Peru was a world apart. Thank you, Amie and Poppy for travelling such a long way to spend this time with us.