Today, we saw caimans and went back to Iquitos. We woke up, ate breakfast, and got on the boat. The caimans are most commonly found at an oxbow lake nearby. But it’s not exactly an oxbow lake since there is a canal connecting the river and the oxbow lake together. We parked our motorboat next to the canal and got into three canoes. The canal was narrow and tangled in trees. The water level had almost risen to the treetops, so we were canoeing through the canopy.

We finally got out into the openness of the oxbow lake and went searching for caimans. In this case, the caimans are about the size of a lizard but they can rarely be up to 7 meters.

We searched on the rim of the oxbow lake where it was marshy since the caimans like that habitat. After a little while of searching, we found a caiman bathing in the waters. It had black stripes and a green eye. It was kind of cute and the size of a big gecko.

When we were looking for more caimans Janet picked up an “apple snail” and it seriously was the size of an apple. We saw a few more caimans, all about the same size, and we were getting tired so we went back to the lodge.

We were leaving, so we packed up, ate lunch, and left for Iquitos! Our four days in the Amazon have been outstanding and indescribable. Tommorow we leave on a series of flights to get to the USA.

Below: Caimans (Can you find them?)



Below: Other