I loved South America!!! I loved the places, where we stayed, the food, and everything else!!!

I especially liked the big historical sites in Peru. One of my favorite was Saqsayhuaman. The way they configured the stones so tightly together was just fascinating!!! Another favorite was Moray. One reason why I loved Moray was because of the way they built it with the circles and terraces!!! I also enjoyed that it was a research station and that the Incas had research stations!!! In Colombia we didn’t see any ruins, although we did see some other stuff.

I also liked Colombia’s gardens. Colombia had many of them and they had a lot of greenery. My favorite garden was a garden a 5-minute walk away. It had exercise equipment, a bench to practice Spanish, and everything you would need.

In Peru a little difficult thing to adjust to was the altitude sickness. Up in high altitude I get bad headaches. I would drink coca leaf tea, and the most disgusting capsules in the world. There is also a big difference in heat, from the hot Colombia, to the freezing Andes, to the sweltering Amazon. Of course lots had air conditioning, but some like Cusco just had a small heater.

We stayed the longest in Cusco and Medellin which were probably my two favorites. Our places in South America were amazing, and I loved the food. I am so happy that we went to South America, and that we got to experience it!!!