Today we are officially homeward bound. What a thought, after an astonishing 11 months of travel around the world. Many little details and moments are forever implanted in my great catalog of travel memories.

I have learned and grown so much on this journey that I almost don’t want to stop. But thankfully, the learning and growing is not over yet. It is the day after tomorrow that we take a flight to Houston, entering the United States of America after going to so many places. Though after that we still have Washington DC and New York City to explore and learn from before heading to Bonners Ferry for two weeks after which our bodies will once again settle in Seattle.

But I can’t shake the feeling that for quite a while after returning to Seattle my heart will still settle around my reality this year which has been travel. My entire mentality has been shaped by what I have seen this year. The world has been my life.

And the day after tomorrow the adventures in Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, India, Thailand, Japan, Colombia, Peru, and more will come to a close, and we will be in our home country once again. That thought sends chills up my spine. I just jumped up and down and shrieked out of shock, fear, awe, and amazement at what we’ve done.

I’m imagining how I felt about these thoughts at a time that seems like years ago, in Tanzania, or Bali. Back then, the feeling didn’t seem real, because we weren’t two days away from re-entering our home country.

Going to the USA is a very emotional checkpoint of this trip for me. It turns my thoughts back on what it was like to do this, and now to shift the adventure of international voyages to national voyages over the last one month of this indescribebly special year.

Below: Me Around the World, so Far away from my Home Country