We left Iquitos, a bustling city. In Thailand, there were also tuk-tuks, but I had never seen so many packed in one area as in Iquitos. Tuk-tuks are a mix between a car and a motorcycle. They are these three-wheeled, open air cars. Though, here in Iquitos they are called motorcars and in India, autos.

The first time I rode in one was in Tanzania, and it was awesome!!! From then on, every time I hear that we are taking a tuk-tuk I bounce up and down with joy!!! They have been in Tanzania, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Hong Kong, and now, Peru.

We have taken only about 10 tuk-tuks on these journeys, although I wished to take more. I love tuk-tuks more than any other transportation (actually, maybe not as much as scooters in Bali) on this trip.