During our time in Colombia, we saw Iris and Leo and had a lot of fun with them there. When we left, we told them “see you in two weeks,” referring to the two weeks of time in Peru we had in between Colombia and Houston, when we would see them again.

Tonight was the first time in those two weeks that we saw them. Hector, Elaine, David, Stanley, Iris, Leo, and Pilar all came and ate a dinner with us at a restaurant in Houston. It was seeing family in the United States, a thing that I had been looking forward to as much as being in the USA itself.

There was something so special about imagining only two wonderful weeks separating you from seeing family in your home country. The dinner wouldn’t have been complete if even one person was missing.

Houston is going to be so much funner and more special because of all the family we have here, just like our friends and family around the rest of the world.

Below: Playing MTG with Leo