Our cousins from Houston (Iris, 12 and Leo, 11), came over today. When we first arrived, we went to a playground where we played until it started to rain. We scurried back to the car and drove back to the house when that happened. At the house there wasn’t much to do. Although Leo had brought some Magic the Gathering cards to play with. If you remember the blog about Sanur, we played some Magic the Gathering there as well. Well, while the others (Jasper, Julien, and Leo) picked which decks they wanted to play with, Iris called me upstairs.

We entered our room (previously Iris and Leo’s room when they were little) which I found quite confusing. I had never seen anything in that room of interest to Iris. She opened a closet, which contained tons of dresses. She pulled out a beautiful flamenco dress, and I tried it on! We spent a long time discussing what I should wear for headress while she put on her own. After we decided what I should wear on the head, we walked down carefully to not mess it up and took some pictures. By this time Jasper, Julien, and Leo were getting a little impatient. It was a tough decision, but I decided to do dress-up the rest of the day instead of Magic the Gathering.



We needed more variety than just flamenco dresses, so we went to Pilar’s closet which had more than 100 different pieces of clothing. I was a little unsure if we were allowed in the closet, but Iris kept on assuring me. I tried on this ruffled blue dress from when Iris was my age. There was only one dress that matched with mine, so she wore that. We modeled the rest that costume too, and looked for others.



We eventually found these beautiful kimonos, which we put on the second we saw them. Luckily, Iris took a kimono dressing class, but it was kind of a long time ago, so it wasn’t perfect. There were two, one a little smaller than the other, which was perfect.


Next, we choose brides. Jasper said he wanted to join, so we allowed him in happily. We dressed up with Iris being our wedding advisor. Jasper wore a nice dress while I wore a beautiful pink dress (later learning it was a Moroccan night gown).



The brides were one of my favorites, although the next was everybody’s favorite: Texan (or Cowboys). Iris and I had already gotten costumes from earlier preparing, but Jasper still had to find a costume. For me, it was the only costume where I could move freely because in the flamenco dress, if I moved, the headdress would fall off, with the blue dress or the kimono, the ribbon or band would fall, and with the bride one, I wore high heels.

Below: Pictures of our cowboy costume (with my signature gun pose).



Dressing up was really fun, and it wouldn’t have happened if Iris and Leo didn’t come over. Usually, Iris just does it alone, but she said it was fun having another person.