Yesterday, we arrived at Tony and Maria’s house and relaxed there. Today, was a day of activities and exhaustion. We woke in the morning at Tony and Maria’s house and went to IHOP with them and Tony’s brother, Mike.

It was my first time at an IHOP, and it was so exciting. There were just infinite types of pancakes. After finally making a choice, we relaxed and talked until a mouth watering lump of pancakes was set in front of me. I gobbled it up in one bite (maybe a few bites, but I really just don’t care).

After eating, we said goodbye to Tony, Maria, and Mike, and got in the car to go back to Houston. “Bye, Bye” San Antonio. But first we stopped at the most popular historic attraction in Texas: The Alamo. Texas rebelled for independence after a lot of American immigrants came into Texas, and it became quite different from the rest of Mexico. The Alamo is a small fort where a battle for the independence of Texas took place (against the Mexicans), but the Texans lost. There’s a line from the rebels: “Remember the Alamo!” That battle united the Texans. There was another battle in another place in 1836, in which the Texans won their independence. It’s quite fascinating that the Alamo used to be a small church built by the Spaniards in 1718 before it became a fort. It was 26 years later when the Alamo as a fort was constructed.

We were stuffed with carbohydrates after the pancakes, so it was really difficult to focus. We were just hauling ourselves around. We left for Houston with our tummies full of carbohydrates. After 3 hours of driving we got to Pilar’s house. Kieran went straight to the couch and looked like he was exhausted. After a bit of resting, we got ready to go to John’s house, a friend of Alex and Janet’s from college who’s living in Houston. It turned out that Kieran had a fever and diarrhea, so he wasn’t going.

His house is big (compared to any of the other houses we have been in on this trip). We got to run around, talk, and play table tennis. On this trip, we have met a lot more friends than I would have thought. After a whole ton of fun, we went back home and went to bed late at 11:00pm.

That was our exhausting day. But just because it was exhausting, doesn’t mean it’s bad. It was a great day. Not a bad one.