Today, we explored Washington DC. We started on our journey by walking under the 90 degree, blazing sun. It is really exciting to be in Washington DC on the Fourth of July, since it is United States’ day of independence.

We started by looking at some of the memorials on our way to the Fourth of July parade. They are huge and impressive. But the parade was even more impressive. With trumpets and flag twirlers, it was all so festive. There was always music playing, and the music was fabulous. There were drums, trumpets, tubas, clarinets, saxophones, and trombones all playing together.

After a while of music and dancing, we decided to go to the National Mall to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. We nearly stood at the base of the Washington Monument, and looking up at it made me dizzy. It was so tall. It is so amazing but so simple. It was the tallest building in the world when it was built in 1884.

We also went to the Lincoln Memorial. We couldn’t get too close to the Lincoln Memorial, because it was fenced off due to Trump’s speech. But a bit in front of the Lincoln Memorial is the WWII Memorial. It was a circle of pillars each having a name of one of the states to show the unity and participation of all the states, and within the circle are tons of fountains shooting up jets of water. It is spectacular!

As the sun went down we went back to the mall to wait for fireworks. And then… Crack!! a firework shot up into the sky, exploding and showering yellow sparks. We weren’t close to the fireworks, just looking from a distance. More and more fireworks shot up into the sky, all of different colors, make a cloud of smoke appear. The fireworks were coming simultaneously, two every second. It was amazing with them coming up behind the Washington monument. But they were becoming hidden in the cloud of smoke. About one minute later, you couldn’t see the fireworks, just the cloud lighting up in colors. The smoke covered more than a 180 degree view. After a while of watching, we decided to head home.

Wow! It was as spectacular as I imagined, but in a different way.