We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art today, or the MET. We started this year in Britain, with all of its great museums, and end in the great finale of the Smithsonian and New York. Now that we have experienced so many places, I can make relations with the things in the museums. One of the big areas was the Japanese and Chinese armor. In the museums of China and Japan, there were many different suits of fancy imperial armor. Here they had similar stuff but on a slightly smaller scale. Venice is also famous for its armor, so we got to see a couple suits from there. It excited me so much knowing that we had seen so much of it!!!

Of course, we never went to Greece, but we still saw many statues. One of the most common things about many Greek statues, all around the world, is they don’t have heads. This is either during preservation the head was a delicate part, so it fell off, or the invaders didn’t like them, so off go the heads.

Another place that they had a lot of stuff from was Egypt. They had this beautiful tablet that looked like it was made yesterday, and a similar tomb. One of the most suprising things is that they actually moved a small temple from Egypt into the museum!!!

Another thing I could relate to was the Asian art. In Asian art, they had a small section devoted to India. In that area, they had statues of Shiva, who we learned about in Varanasi, and Vishnu, who is conisdered to hold up the four corners of the universe with his four arms.

I also got really excited to learn that one of my two favorite paintings was there… The Wave Off Kanawaga. My other favorite painting is Starry Night, but that one wasn’t here. We looked for the Japan section, and found it closed off. It was a disappointment for me, but I now know where it is housed in the world.

Below: Pictures of Egygt, Greece Japan and China, Venice, and India