Today, we went to Idaho. Idaho is a place we treasure, and we go there every year. Janet grew up on a farm there, and it is a magical place. There is so much nature there and our Grandma’s house in Northern Idaho is in a small town called Bonners Ferry. We met Nancy there, our Grandma that we hadn’t seen for more than a year (she lives with us in Seattle).

We started with getting on two planes, one from New York to Chicago, and the other from Chicago to Spokane (We would then drive to Bonners Ferry). On our flight from Chicago to Spokane, excitement was surging through me. We were on our last flight of the trip!!! When we landed in Spokane I was so jumpy!!! Even though it was 10pm, I felt like I was still wide awake!

We drove to Bonners Ferry and met Nancy there! It was so joyful! I missed her so much. I got to walk through house, with memories flooding in. Oh, Bonners Ferry! I thought about our street and biking along it, I thought about the bowling alley across the street. It is more exciting than I could describe! We are going to do so much tomorrow!!!

Below: Grandma’s House