We arrived to Idaho last night, but it was 1:00 in the morning, so we didn’t have any time to revisit things. It was one of the first places I was actually familiar with for a whole year!!! I had so much fun revisting everything: the Hotwheels, the comics, the books, the board games, the Legos, the Omnifix cubes, and everything else!!!

One thing I found surprising is that in places around the world like Cuzco, we had a large Airbnb compared to other places. Even though this house in Idaho is so much bigger, we didn’t think it was big. That is because we have already been here before, so we already had expectations, and our brains aren’t recognizing it as very big.

Whenever we come into the driveway in Idaho for the first time that year, there is some type of feeling of home. One thing I am looking forward to is going bowling. Right across the street there is a bowling alley. We don’t always go bowling when we are in Idaho, but we usually do. Another thing I would love to do is to bike. Sadly, we didn’t bring the bikes from Seattle, so we are hoping to borrow some.

For dinner we invited two friends, Laura and Dave. We see them every time we come to Idaho and they recently bought a slightly more rural house. We ended the exhausting day with some delicious vanilla ice cream, and some appetizing chocolate cookie bars!!!

Below: Us playing a history card game