One thing that Idaho brings with it is this sense of completion. I can now say we traveled around the world, instead of we are traveling around the world. We are still writing blogs and doing schoolwork, but in a familiar place, a place that I have been to so many times. Every summer (except the last), Janet has taken us to Idaho. Every summer. That makes Bonners Ferry the most familiar place we have traveled to yet.

Besides Idaho, it is just Spain, Colombia, and Houston that I had been to before. Every other country, city, and location has been brand new. Idaho is so not brand new to my eyes and mind. I remember every detail of the house here, the colors, the people, the rooms. Even the backyard toys! I remember the Amoths (who we will see later), the farm, the Bread Basket Bakery, the city pool, the Kootenai river, Laura and Dave, and so much more.

Last night for dinner Laura and Dave came over for dinner, and we talked and caught up over zucchini, cassserole, and for dessert Nancy’s renowned chocolate chip bars. Today we got to spend the entire afternoon at their house, playing in the yard, feeding Duke, their horse, and petting their dogs, Molly and Ginger, under the table as we played games with Dave. Just seeing and reconnecting with the people, animals, places, and activities that Bonners Ferry has for us is why I am going to savor my time here.

Below: House I Know