In New York, we saw the Loucases and had fun with them. Now here in Idaho, we get to spend time with the Mitchells at Twin Rivers!!!!!!!

Twin Rivers is an incredibly fun swimming location only about a 15 minute drive away from Bonners Ferry. It is a still part of a lake with a dock, two logs, and picnic spots on the sand.

The Mitchells hosted us in San Giovanni, Italy. We had so much fun playing with their kids Luke and Cole, getting gelato, playing on the playground across the street, and eating delicious Italian food. Their hosting job was phenomenal, making Italy one of my favorite places we’ve been because of it.

Seeing them at Twin Rivers was a blast. We had so much fun with Luke and Cole, riding the logs in the water, submerging the floating dock underwater, jumping off the dock, and pushing each other off the dock. We got to eat Colleen’s cookies, as well as many other yummy munchies brought by both families.

By the end of the fun, it only took one little finger’s worth of pushing to send me falling into the water. Then it would use all the arm strength I had left to get back on. We continued on like that, the rate of us falling into the water increasing as time passed due to how tired we were.

Then we all agreed we were just too exhausted to keep on playing. We sat peacefully on the dock and chatted about many things, all of our limbs threatening to just fall off at the slightest provocation.

I am glad that we got to see the Mitchells here, and even gladder that we will see them again!