For this entire worldschooling year, we have been dancing an Irish jig in front of many famous monuments and sites, and then ultimately putting them together to form one big video with music and all.

Here in Idaho in the comforts and relaxation of our home, we have been splicing the videos with the beat, adding in some music we found that perfectly fits what we need to complete it.

To me, this video is something we can look back on and watch, feeling the moments and the energy of the space we see ourselves dancing in. To have records, such as pictures, the blog, and our Irish dancing masterpiece, can really help me and all of us remember the memories of the adventures we’ve had.

We’re not quite fully done with it, but we will be soon, and I know I will have a lot of fun watching and re-watching it, remembering where we were and what we did.

Below: Irish Dancing in Idaho