A few days ago, we met the Mitchells at Twin Rivers. We met them again today to play at our Grandma’s house.

We started with playing with some neat building blocks called Omnifix cubes, which can be assorted and attached to build all kinds of neat things. We started by pouring all the Omnifix cubes in the middle of us, and then we all tried to grab as many as we could get to build the biggest and most impressive structures (Julien just watched). I tried to build a giant pyramid, but my storage of Omnifix cubes was depleted quickly due to me building such a big base, so I had to ask for donations. Kieran tried to build three small pyramids, but frequently was begging for donations too.

The funny thing was, whenever someone tried to give a donation, all the other people would leap to get to it first, so you had to guard your cubes. Luke had to beg and beg for donations, since he was building a gigantic cube. Finally, Cole was building a box full of gold (yellow Omnifix Cubes). It was all very funny.

After a while, we went to the fairgrounds and played there. It was so nice to be with other kids. My energy was never going to run out with them. We also had a picnic there with cookies and lemon poppy seed bread. I don’t know how to explain it, but being with other kids has been really nice.

After going to the fairgrounds, we went to the pool. At the pool, we talked about memories of when we were younger and how some were very funny while others were just fascinating. As we talked, I was just thinking about all the memories of our trip and how we are finally “home.” Oh, kids.

Below: How Omnifix Cubes Work

Below: Us Playing with Omnifix Cubes