Every summer since I was born (except for the summer we began this trip), Janet would take us out to Idaho, to Bonners Ferry, and always to the farm.

It is such a special place, the North Idaho countryside. Every summer, I look forward to two weeks of impossibly clear skies, amazing hikes, stunning mountain valley views, friends such as the Amoths  and the Andersons, and the familiar landscape around the wooden cabin on the farm.

Janet noted that as far as amenities go, the cabin is spectacularly well equipped. Truly everything you need to live a serene and simple life: a beautiful barbed wire chandelier hanging from a fan, an open table for meals and board game nights, and the sounds of the night critters all around me as I snuggle into my sleeping bag.

Idaho is a succulent treat that I can savor every summer. It seems as much my home as Seattle, because I have such amazing memories here. It is a part of me. And that part of me comes out every time we visit.

Today, we took our second drive out to the farm this summer. We stopped and chatted with the Amoths, and then went to the oh so familiar land that has given me so many good memories. Despite the mosquito buffets that we turn into every morning and night, I was still able to slide into my sleeping bag and doze off to sleep.

Below: Our Farm