Today, we went to Pyramid Lake, a beautiful hiking spot near here. Out of all the places in nature we have been — the Sahara, the Amazon, the Atlas Mountains, Eje Cafetero, the Serengeti, Ngorogoro Crater, Mount Batur, the Great Wall of China (view), the Andes — the Idaho Forests are up there.

With all the mountains, lakes, rivers and cliffs, it weaves into an astounding beauty. Just the sound of natural running water from a nearby creek gives me joy. When we went to Pyramid Lake today, it was breathtaking. There was a sky-blue lake with a cliff behind it and evergreen trees surrounding the lake. It seemed like the forest went endlessly. It was also really nice how at Pyramid Lake, the rocks are beautiful and the moss has grown over them so they make patterns in the rocks.

In addition to plants, the animals are everywhere. The main large mammals around Northern Idaho are deer, as well as bears and moose. It’s amazing how graceful the deer are and how they don’t just immediately run away.

We have been all around the world, and it’s astonishing how Idaho’s forests are up there on some of my favorite nature.