We were on our last day at the farm, and we hadn’t practiced driving yet.

Janet usually does the brakes, and I do the turning and blinkers. It’s fun doing hard turns and going through thin gates! I find driving very fun, although I am still nowhere close to being able to drive on the road.

Yesterday, Alex and I built a beautiful little teepee. We swept the area inside, and even added a stump for reading!!!! Today, Alex improved it by a whole ton, that it might even survive the winter!!! Ella and Keira, our cousins (4 and 3 years old), will also enjoy playing in it, since they are coming in mid-August.

After improving the teepee, I realized it was only two days until we would be back to our familiar house in Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to go back, and I am dying!!! We drove back to Bonners Ferry after improving the teepee, and I snuggled up on the couch thinking about being back in Seattle.

Below: The new and improved teepee!!!