I am just so excited to be back in Seattle, I am so rushed to revisit the things and I want to do it all at once!!! Through the last couple of minutes of the car drive we were just so excited, we were almost screaming our heads off!!!

One thing that I am so wanting to do is to revist the stuff we put away. We rented some of the house so almost everything was in our enormous garage. I really wanted to revisit my stuffies, all the board games, and our Magic the Gathering decks (Magic the Gathering is a card game)!!! We still haven’t gotten almost anything out of the garage, but we’re making progress.

One thing I want to do is to narrow the amount of toys I keep, because I have been away for a year, almost with zero toys. This means that I want to quickly, before I get to attached to my toys, to give them away. Though stuffies are an exception. Because if you give away a stuffie it is a sign of dislike and it makes you and the stuffie feel sad.

The trip was a once in a lifetime experience. It was amazing exploring new foods and new cultures, new landscapes and climates. It really was mind-blowing. We started in London, then did some hopping over Europe and headed down to Tanzania. From there we went up to India, had some amazing food in Thailand, and went down to Bali. We continued through China and Japan, and eventually made it to the Americas. After exploring South America, we did some seeing our own country through New York and Washington D.C, and made it back here, to our nice cozy home in Seattle!!!