Today, we went back to Seattle. We drove from Bonners Ferry to Seattle, which is about a 7 hour drive. After being around the world for a year, it was so exciting to be back home.

This trip was a once in a lifetime experience, and I will never forget it. I think one of the things that I learned about most would be how there is such a wide world out there, and there are so many diverse cultures in this vast world. Another thing that has changed would be what I call home. Before I went on this trip the answer was simple: Seattle. But now, that has changed. When we got to Idaho, it really felt like home. I think that is because I have a strong connection there. I would also call home somewhere that reminds me of Seattle or Idaho. For example, I might call British Columbia home because it has similiar looks, nature, and culture. But, to really be home it needs to have a mix of connection and being in my natural habitat.

I’m looking back on this trip, and thinking about everything we’ve done. Starting with the London, ending with Boundary County (the county that Bonners Ferry is in), this has been an outstanding trip. We’ve learned so much more on this trip in the way of history, too. Even though there were many times of stress, it was still definitely worth it.

As we got in the car to go to Seattle, excitement was surging through me. After a whole year, we finally get to come home!!! We drove for a long time until we were in Seattle!!!!! I just had to do some shrieks of joy in the car. Fine. Not some. A lot. We got off the highway and I recognized almost all of it!!!!!!!! Then we saw Green Lake, the lake next to our house!!!!!!!!!!! And then I saw our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMMMMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We entered our house and I looked at everything. It was so amazing. We just looked back on all of the things we had. Just coming back home and acclimating to the house was really nice.

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